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Generation of digital natives. How to educate those who grew up in a digital world?

KAZAN HALL, October 15 14:00 — 15:15

At the age of two or three modern children use iPads with ease, at five they help adults to master new gadgets by swiftly catching on the tricks of the latest technologies. When this generation, already labelled as “digital natives”, starts studying in a traditional school, teachers are often puzzled by them, as today’s learners think and process information completely differently from their predecessors. The new generation of children growing up in the environment of large-scale digitalization requires a radically different teaching and training approach.
● Can modern children learn and acquire information in the same manner as their parents did?
● How does such digital sap at an early age affect child’s development?
● How can we educate such children?
● How can “digital immigrants”, i.e. teachers and parents, catch up with “digital natives”?