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Battle for talents. Attracting and retaining human capital in digital era

KAZAN HALL, October 15 12:30 — 13:45

To be the best is to have those, who are deemed to be the best. Those countries and companies that can draw in first-class professional are able to gain and maintain their leading positions in the world. The war for talent is forcing city administrations and large businesses to develop complex strategies designed to attract and retain promising manpower. While some are offering “innovation visas” to talented entrepreneurs, others are creating an attractive living environment, infrastructure, and services in order to appeal to the “brainy” ones. How to win the battle for talent and who is like to be the victor?
● What range of opportunities should a modern city or a leading company offer in order to be short-listed by the demanding and selective experts?
● What strategies are megapolises and corporations already implementing and what are their chances of success?
● What would motivate talented workers to stay in the long term?