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Milestones of the first year of "Modern Digital Educational Environment in the Russian Federation”,

"MICHURINSK HALL", October 15 11:00 — 12:15

Digital portfolio for employers
Corporate education mainly aims at developing the skills of the employees and creating a professional community. One-stop company source gives access both to educational companies, offering corporate online courses, and employers that publish open vacancies and select candidates based on their own requirements.

Service of psychometric analysis of online courses
How user behavioral analysis can improve online course quality? We are going to discuss a service that offers psychometric analysis and unveil its potential for the developers of online courses at universities, corporate universities and companies, and how you can access the service if you create online courses.

Simulator to implement MOOC in educational programs of universities
A computer simulator to implement MOOCs at universities and being a part of the MOOC course. Players make decision on different levels: university, program, course. The outcome of the desicions is rated according to 18 criteria, demonstrating if univesity is ready to implement eLearning. The simulator will be of interest for all employees and will allow to define university expertise and learning management process.