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Workshop and quiz within All-Russian online game "Life Science Knowledge League"

KOROLEV HALL, October 15 17:00 — 18:15

How about finding more on natural sciences, learning new things and spending a quality time? Interactive education formats with gamification elements are becoming more and more popular in Russia and all over the world. The main advantage of this format is that the process of learning gets easier and more entertaining. Within the game you can learn which scientific processes we encounter in our everyday life.
Participants of the lecture and quiz by ‘Smart Moscow’ will be able to appreciate the advantages of the gamified educational format. We will talk about how chemistry transforms the world around us, what chemical substances people used for medical purposes at the end of the 19th century, how much gold is concealed in the oceans and many other things. The participant to answer most questions correctly will receive a memorable gift.

About the project
Launched by Bayer and Future Biotech, the Life Science Knowledge League is an educational project aimed at improving scientific literacy. It is an online game wherein everyone may test their knowledge of natural sciences and learn about processes and phenomena that each of us encounters every day. A participant with the best results will win a prize – a trip for two to an interactive science museum in Germany.
‘Smart Moscow’ arranges interactive scientific programs, workshops, lectures and festivals for children and adults.