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How can corporations become an agent of innovation? Cases of internal transformation

KOLTSOVO HALL, October 16 11:30 — 12:45

Since 1955, 87% of the largest companies have left the Fortune 500 list, and the average period of time in this list has reduced from 61 year in 1955 to 8 years in 2017. Long-term success of any large company has come to depend on its readiness to change right away. But more and more large companies and corporations face problems with innovative development, which include their inability to quickly adopt to changing external market forces, their reluctance to take risks, and their lack of knowledge about the tools required for an internal rejuvenation of an organization.

How can a company overcome inertia, and who within an organization should initiate a digital transformation?
What company can do by itself, and for what it is necessary to hire specialists?
What are the prerequisites, risks and barriers for implementing corporate innovations?
How can one create an innovative culture and environment to encourage entrepreneurship within an organization?