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Frames of academic and technological breakthrough: how educational pathes are going to change under the condtions of digital economy

SKOLKOVO HALL, October 15 12:30 — 13:45

In the XXI century, we entered the new reality, where the success of the development of a nation isn’t determined by its geographical location or resource endowment, but it’s done by the quality of intellectual potential of countries. In the current climate human capital sets the key trends in the development of national economies in the world. In early 2018 the scientists of international team forecasted scientific and technological development of the world and the most popular professional competences were named. Abilities such as creative thinking, planning and implementation of research activity were put at the very first positions of this rating.
Russia has already chosen the path of its development for the coming years. This path is aimed at achieving the world leadership in scientific-and-technological sphere. But what competencies should be built in society throughout life? And how should the education system be organized in order to have a constant increase in the quality of the country's intellectual potential and generate breakthrough technologies that may change not only specific processes or people’s way of life, but also that may influence entire industries by creating new sectors? At the same time, should the system of state administration be a "catching up and adaptive to new realities or, should namely this system set the development directions of the country?