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Metallurgy Upgrade: Digital Modernisation from the Pit to the End Product

TROITSK HALL, October 16 17:45 — 19:00

The mining and metals industry has always been seen as the lot of developing countries with tough and harmful labour conditions. The digital age is changing the existing practices today. By 2020, 40% of the companies in this sector around the world will invest in artificial intelligence solutions and the market capitalisation of machines in usewill reach $ 10 billion.
Robot-controlled vehicles, artificial intelligence and augmented reality are not just new popular toys that miners and metallurgists are playing with, but rather a necessary measure that increases profitability and may completely eliminate the need for human presence in hazardous working areas.

  • What is preventing the mining and metallurgic giants from implementing innovations?
  • What digital technologies need to be integrated at the whole production chain (Mine to Mill) of the enterprises at the moment?
  • HR deficit in the industry: where and when will robots, drones and artificial intelligence replace people?
  • Go green: how does one increase the environmental efficiency of production enterprises?