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University Consortium. Rebooting Engineering education in the regions

ZHUKOVSKY HALL, October 15 17:00 — 18:15

Global technologies development in IT sector, an introduction of digital solutions, artificial intelligence, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, defines constantly changing requirements for the development of new engineering competencies. The objective is to analyze the mechanisms of development of engineering competence centers in accordance with the international standards and requirements, the creation of educational consortiums between universities.
● What could be a geographical center of crystallization of engineering competencies?
● What is the role of universities in creating of engineering competence centers?
● How to combine the competencies of regional universities, best federal universities and international expertise?
● How to structure the educational process in accordance with global benchmark, in foreign languages?
● What federal support measures are needed to create engineering clusters and competencies?
● What support should be provided by the administration of the regions?