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STI Genome. The potential of the future

PUSHCHINO HALL, October 16 16:15 — 17:30

The future is already here. Today we oversee the transformation of familiar things and cannot imagine our lives without technologies. The identification of the STI gene and its further development is an opportunity for everyone to take part in a technological revolution and changing the world. The development of communities, the formation of a new education system and STI regions builds the infrastructure for our new life, which we are creating today.

  • For whom does STI work? What already exists in STI, and how to use it?
  • What will the world be like in 2035? How will the development of STI affect the economy, and what will it be like?
  • How to overcome existing technological barriers, and who will find a place in new markets?
  • How to get into the STI community, and what opportunities does it provide?