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Digital solutions for logistics of the future

ZHUKOVSKY HALL, October 16 11:30 — 12:45

Cash flow changes the direction: from cash registers to internet. Today experts evaluate the volume of FMCG online shopping in Russia to only 4%. According to the analytical data of the UBS investment bank, the annual increase of online sales of food commodities will reach 26% in 2018-2019.
In recent years, modern logistics has become one of the most significant and dynamic growing economic sectors. Fast, on-demand or just-in-time delivery – today these are the key customer requirements for delivery. Transparency of logistics chain and the origin story of a product, especially of fresh, healthy and organic food – is one more important request that defines the trust of customers and their willingness to make purchases.

In order to meet all client request and provide everything he or she is ready and willing to pay, it is becoming necessary to consider a new business model that cannot get by without digitalization and automation: big data, artificial intelligence, mass recruitment of personnel, machine learning, smart contracts and blockchain.
Topics for discussion:
• What is the future of logistics market in Russia and in the world?
• What are the global challenges and solutions for logistics?
• What are digital changes facing logistics in the near future?
• What are the main vectors of logistics development in 21st century?
• What are innovative delivery services the market needs?
• Tariff policy, ecological principles, custom regulations: how external environment will change the logistics market tomorrow?