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Smart infrastructure and public utilities

OBNINSK HALL, October 16 17:00 — 19:00

The creation of a fully integrated intellectual infrastructure is a new reality for cities that are in the process of becoming smart cities. Nowadays, most cities are reaching the limits of their existing infrastructure, both in terms of reliability and functional capacity. Effective urban management directly depends on access to integrated real-time data on resource use and infrastructure. Digital telecommunications technologies play a key role here, as do new-generation products that can help resolve the most pressing problems.

  • How is the use of smart metering and remote control systems for heat, water and electricity supply networks changing the way utilities companies work?
  • What hi-tech solutions to effectively manage traffic flow and increase the capacity of the road network capacity are characteristic of new-generation transport systems?
  • How can a city switch from modernizing the equipment it uses for transmitting and measuring consumption to a demand management system that is fully integrated into the urban economy?
  • How do cities benefit from the new, and rapidly-growing, markets related to the consumption of intellectual resources?