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Plenary session "Smart Country. National Strategy"

Matrex Stage, October 16 14:15 — 15:45

The creation of new branches of economy, which is an integral part of transition from post-industrial to digital economy, entails the need to transform all state functions. Industry and science, business and government, society and education are involved in digital modernization.

Besides, having begun at the level of local introduction of technologies, today the scale of changes is reaching a new level and affects the ecosystems of whole cities and countries, changing the fundamental approaches to the transfer of experience between generations.

Artificial intelligence, big data, overall robotization and the internet of things already lead to an increase in industrial labor efficiency, but a breakthrough is possible only in case of appropriate infrastructure at the state level.

Smart Country is not only about technologies and industry; it is about society as a central element of the value chain. Level of people's readiness to introduce new technologies characterizes pace of economic development of modern states.

Only Smart Countries that transformed the environment making it open, intelligent and digital will be able to create a high concentration of well qualified specialists providing the leading positions of the state through the formation of knowledge-intensive and intellectual industries.

Is the world ready for new reality? How will Russia cope with new challenges?

Venue: Matrex Stage

Questions asked: 1932