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Digital twins and predictive analytics

TROITSK HALL, October 16 11:30 — 12:45

Nowadays the new market segment is being formed. In the near future a wide market of players will appear that will offer services on creating digital twins of products, production and all what can be described by figures and digits. We have a way to end the ineffectiveness of all production stages, projecting and serviceability before its transfer of management of artificial intelligence (AI). Meeting the challenges of predictive analytics will become an essential part and attribute of digital twins. This means a transition to a new production pattern that requires institutional changes.

Topics for discussion:

  • What does government need to provide a transition to a new production pattern?
  • Who will become a driver and leader on the market of digital twin and AI?
  • Will it be new young companies or large corporations?
  • How will the business of manufactures of PLM and BIM solutions, IoT platforms, system integrators be changed?
  • How should corporation be prepared for these changes?

In collaboration with the TechNet Association and SPbPU