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Managing IP Properly: No Patent – No Money?

KOLTSOVO HALL, October 17 10:00 — 11:15

Effective intellectual property management is the key to increasing the benefit of a high-tech company's product and preserving its competitive advantages in the market - whether it's an average, small business - or international corporation. At the same time, companies either do not have an idea of effective IP management techniques as a tool for the commercialization of their developments, including patenting - or still doubt whether IP management is vital element of the business process. So shall the patent or not to patent their designs and inventions? How to transform IP to gold and at what cost? Where shall the company find the balance between diving deep into patent procedures and effective business model? What are the economic incentives for patenting? How does the approach to IP management in the medium, small and large business differ and what can they learn from each other? Are there any cases when the company refused the patent - and lost the market? Patents and other IP tools when entering the world markets - what expects courageous entrepreneurs who dared to step over with their invention the usual boundaries and reach a global level?