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Circular city. City as an ecosystem for green businesses

PETERHOF HALL, October 16 16:15 — 17:30

Citizens are increasingly demanding to the environment. They want to live a long and healthy life, know what they breathe, drink clean water, eat clean food and not kill whales with plastic bags. The concept of circular economy, an economy in which resources are used as efficiently as possible, and pollution is reduced to a minimum, is becoming increasingly popular. Cities are actively adopting a new paradigm, and it creates huge opportunities for technology companies ranging from information technology, energy and transport to the waste management construction. According to the New Climate Economy report, in the next 10-15 years, governments of different levels will invest USD 90 trillion in the sustainable infrastructure development. Thus, the transition of cities to a low-carbon development model creates new opportunities for both startups and large technology corporations.

  • Where do the interests of the city authorities and the “green” business cross?
  • Who should play the role of “environmental evangelist”?
  • What can and should the authorities do, and what should be the role of business sector?
  • In which sectors and areas can we expect a digital environmental boom? What public technologies are relevant for Moscow, and what can local companies offer?