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Space sharing. Housing in the era of sharing economy

PETERHOF HALL, October 16 17:45 — 19:00

Housing has always been a service. The citizens were interested not only in square meters, but also the view from the window, their neighbors, and environment. The digital revolution has dramatically expanded the possibilities of housing search, cost optimization, and selection of a suitable company. Sharing services and shared living are gaining the increasing popularity, while virtual reality technology allows to study in detail the housing that is hundreds or thousands of kilometers away.

  • How do technologies stimulate the emergence and development of new housing models?
  • What do citizens expect from housing as a service or as an experience?
  • What new business opportunities are emerging?
  • How can city administrations improve the efficiency of urban space use through digital solutions?
  • What technological solutions and services are emerging for different groups of housing consumers ranging from transit tourists to young families and single elderly people?