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City as a service. Space for business opportunities

PETERHOF HALL, October 16 10:00 — 11:15

More and more businesses are moving from a model of selling goods to a model of selling services. This direction was pioneered by technology and engineering companies, and currently this philosophy applies to cars, housing and many other areas. Cities are also moving in this direction: housing, transport, healthcare, education, and public services. More and more spheres are “packed” into the services available to different groups of consumers in a convenient and suitable format. The City-as-a Service concept cannot be developed without close cooperation between city and business. While companies offer a wide range of digital and technological products, it is up to the city to open access to data and services, as well as to create a common infrastructure and rules of interaction remains outside the city.

  • How can government and business segment interact within the City-as-a-Service model?
  • What promising directions of development does business see today?
  • What platforms offered by business in the future can make life more comfortable for citizens?