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Surviving on an island: the experience of the first all-Russian workshop for training the digital economy experts

PUSHCHINO HALL, October 15 14:00 — 15:15

In July 2018, a unique project was implemented on the basis of the far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) campus in Vladivostok on Russky island: the first educational intensive "island 10-21", focused on the development of digital competencies of 1000 participants at once – technology entrepreneurs, applied scientists, regional officials and talented students. Co-organizers of the project were ANO " University NTI 20-35», The Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), Far Eastern Federal University (DVFU), ANO «Data Economy Russia», and Russian Venture Company. The leaders of the organizations , directly involved in the preparation and implementation of this event will tell about the features, effects and lessons of" island 10-21", as well as their impressions and future prospects