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Educational «five-in-one» concentrate. STEAM-education prospects

PETERHOF HALL, October 15 17:00 — 18:15

Students today, leaders tomorrow. Shaping the minds of future innovators requires a completely new approach to the process of education and its methodologies, which is why STEAM-education in many countries focuses on priority areas such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEAM-education produces professionals capable of critical thinking and raises overall scientific know-how level, thus creating a new generation of inventors. Employment in STEAM-related spheres is one of the fastest growing areas in the 21st century labor market with the best career prospects. Holders of STEAM qualifications have higher earnings even in career paths unrelated to STEAM. But due to its multi-faceted and complex nature, the STEAM-education model in Russia is just beginning to spread.
● What is the future of its integration into the comprehensive education system and at what stage should it be integrated?
● What steps towards STEAM-program integration are being taken by the government and the private sector? How fruitful is cooperation among various players?
● The range of spheres included in STEAM-education is growing and the number of corresponding employment opportunities is continuing to increase. Who will join the ranks of STEAM specialists in the future and how will the employment market change?