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«Couch» professionals. If you have no diploma - what’s next?

PETERHOF HALL, October 15 14:00 — 15:15

A diploma, especially from a renowned university, immediately creates an impression about a person, their knowledge base and skills. Mentioning a diploma at an interview often becomes a decisive employment factor. Pay rates also frequently depend on the possession of a diploma of higher education. On the other hand, professional social networking profiles are full of records indicating that their owners completed various online courses. Projects with open public online courses promise to not only update knowledge acquired in college, but also offer something which was not taught at a university. Do online diplomas have a sufficiently good reputation to compete with traditional diplomas?
● Is it necessary to study at a university in its traditional sense or is it possible to select a required set of competencies, acquire them and become sought after in the labor market, with online electronic certificates confirming your knowledge to an employer?
● Is experience of working on one’s own projects and remote working skills enough?
● How can companies objectively assess training quality of an ‘at-home’ specialist?
● How can one convince employers that data from an online course register guarantees quality education?