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Education 4.0. Creating optimal conditions for entering business world after university

PETERHOF HALL, October 15 12:30 — 13:45

The task of changing the technological order and innovative development of the economy is closely linked with the training of personnel who comply with modern business needs and are competitive in the global market. The point is not only in obtaining new knowledge, but also in developing project competencies and ensuring readiness for professional work in uncertain conditions which, in turn, demands restructuration of education. The training scheme to prepare “cutting-edge” personnel should undergo structural, substantive, and regulatory transformation, allowing universities to become Alma maters of innovation and not just a source of manpower.
● What should education become in the age of technologies in order to respond to the need for continuously updated competencies?
● What forms of training for young specialists are viewed as most effective by businesses?
● What challenges do modern technology institutions face? How can one ensure flexibility and mobility of education programs and openness of university environments?
● What examples of best practices for implementing engineering education programs exist today from national and foreign standpoint?