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Long live knowledge! Education program for “silver generation” as innovative approach to social protection

ZHUKOVSKY HALL, October 15 12:30 — 13:45

Retiring is one of the most life-changing and critical periods in the life of any elderly person. This unfamiliar situation forces one to reassess their values, attitude towards themselves and others, and search for new paths to self-realization. For many elderly people, this process is long, painstaking, emotionally straining, and accompanied by passivity, inability to find new activities, friends, and partners or to get a fresh perspective on their life and the surrounding world. Hence, it is essential to ensure that elderly people continue to lead an active lifestyle by educating them, and this remains one of many topical issues for any government.
● What programs exist for people of the “silver age” generation in Russia and what are their results?
● What are the best practices abroad, and which of these have already been adopted in Russia?
● What skill-set and knowledge should the elderly and people of the “silver age” generation acquire, and what technologies should be used to help them learn?