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Invaluable knowledge.How to monetize educational projects?

DUBNA HALL, October 15 17:00 — 18:15

According to the recent "Study Of the Russian Market of Online Education and Educational Technologies", initiated by the East-West Digital News publishing company, the total volumeof the global education market is $ 4.5-5.0 tn and is set to increase to $ 6-7 tn in the coming years, with the share of online education averaging $ 165 bn.In Russia, according to experts, the total volume of the education market is bound to increase to 2 tn rubles by 2021. Moreover, a noticeable growth is expected in the online education market, the share of which will be already 53.3 bn rubles. Today, the market of educational services and technologies is of great interest to both government agencies and corporations,as well as entrepreneurs and startups who see the good prospects of this market niche.
● What educational sectors have the greatest investment potential?
● How can a new educational project enter the market and offer a competitive product?