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Media Now and Everywhere: how web, big data and neuronet changing contecnt and its delivery

ZHUKOVSKY HALL, October 17 10:00 — 11:15

The digital revolution has deprived media of a monopoly on spreading information. Social networks, Google and Yandex have actually turned into media, technologically accumulating and distributing maximally individual content. Bloggers are already competing on equal terms with media coverage. How can the media keep and increase its audience and who will pay for the content?
At the session, together with experts from the media industry, we will try to find answers to these questions, as well as discuss the importance of Big Data, Machine Learning in the life of new media, what tasks can be solved with their help, which specialists are needed by the industry, and also talk about how Media can increase the audience with the most personal approach to the reader.
Session with the support of the media project "Snob"