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How to integrate territories into high-tech markets

ATRIUM STAGE, October 16 16:15 — 17:30

On the eve of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, digital technologies are becoming the key drivers of social and economic transformation of the regions. Building a high-quality innovation infrastructure in all regions of Russia was declared one of the focus areas of the country’s domestic policy, the National Technology Initiative has been developed and launched, and the Digital Economy program with 9 cross-cutting technologies promoting the transition to the new economy has been approved. In order to achieve the leadership as effectively as possible and strengthen the competitiveness of Russia at the global level, it is necessary to take into account the specific features of the development of the innovation ecosystem in each region.
As part of the session, the SKOLKOVO business school will provide an index of the digitalization image of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, showing the penetration level of 9 cross-cutting technologies in the Russian regions.

  • What are the features of the most technologically advanced regions and what opportunities do they provide for businesses?
  • What hampers the appearance of cross-cutting technologies in constituent entities of the Russian Federation and how can the local authorities and businesses make a joint effort to resolve this issue?

At the session, representatives of the largest Russian regions, businesses and development institutions will discuss what sets the digitalization leading regions apart, why there are lagging regions and how a range of regular problems of the regions can be resolved.

In collabortion with SKOLKOVO Business School