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Public servant 2.0. How can one become a state official of the future?

KOLTSOVO HALL, October 15 11:00 — 12:15

Today the state as an institution faces a number of global challenges and acute risks, which imposes new requirements on quality and skills of people who work in public service. Transferring to an entirely different model of governance will require public servants with a radically different set of competencies and skills in comparison to the best practices of the 20th century. Today the world market of education is targeted at a new image of a superhero public servant, who is seen as a strategic leader with a vision and capability to implement positive changes.
● What qualities and skills should today’s public servants have?What exactly should current public servants improve?
● Professional training or retraining? What should public servant training strive towards?
● What state and private programs are aimed at within the framework of professional training of public servants?
● Is training of public servants different from training of private sector professionals?