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Jumping over Death Valley Curve in Digital Era

KOROLEV HALL, October 17 13:00 — 14:15

It's not about the US national park and its lack of sufficient water supplies, but about the lack of resources, as well - financial and intellectual resources for start-up entrepreneurs. When you open your own small or medium-sized innovative business, the "valley" can be neither avoided nor bypassed. Its laws are such that it is impossible, without investing a penny and a single effort, to make a profit. But it's possible to evade entrepreneurial death. The "Valley of Death" tests every entrepreneur on commitment, purpose, and the ability to solve diverse tasks. And it is during this period that there is a chance to acquire the most necessary skills and contacts for doing business further.
How to create a product that will be in demand, "survive" between the rounds of investment and implement the project?
How to build a communication strategy when entering the market, increasing returns with a minimum of investment? What tools should be used for different situations?