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Perfection of manpower has no limit. Programs and methods for developing personnel

DUBNA HALL, October 15 14:00 — 15:15

Highly qualified personnel are the principal capital of any company in the age of knowledge economy. According to experts of the World Economic Forum, a third of the competencies in demand today will not be needed by employers five years from now. At the same time, with rapidly changing environment, the process of searching for competent specialists is becoming increasingly difficult. In tough competitive conditions, measures should be taken in order to retain, accumulate, and transfer specific knowledge to new employees - knowledge which is viewed as the foundation of a business’s survival and development strategy. In order to do this, companies develop special programs which stimulate acquisition of new skills and competencies, creating a specific training culture and encouraging knowledge exchange, which, in turn, results in the best business outcomes.
● What skills should a company develop today? What competencies should an employee of the future possess in order to remain sought after in 5 to 10 years?
● What advanced programs for training/retraining personnel exist today? What information and communication technologies are used in such programs?
● What should an employer offer and when should an employee take an initiative in terms of professional training?