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Sky Robotics

Sky Robotics business game will take place on October, 15 in Obninsk Hall at 12:00 pm as part of the Open Innovations Forum.

“Sky Robotics” business game is a professional teaching tool in the sphere of planning and organizing the work of start-up companies, modeled into a game format. The business game is aimed at developing skills of creating effective mechanisms and processes of the work of business-teams from scratch.

The participants of the “Sky Robotics” business game are founders of start-ups, who managed to attract investment, and now their innovative developments are at a stage of “launch” into mass production.

Through the business game, the participants will develop the following skills:

  • Effective teamwork
  • Project management (from planning to implementing a project)
  • Problem solving in conditions of limited time and finance resources
  • Holding business talks
  • Strategic and tactical planning
  • Risk management
  • Operating management

The outcome of the game will show which start-up will turn out to be the most successful and will produce the highest income for its founders and investors!