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MIT takes part in the Open Innovations Forum

  • MIT teaches robots to navigate the city streets.
  • MIT has created a robot diagnostician moving through the human body.
  • MIT creates a battery that absorbs carbon dioxide.
  • MIT's AI will teach robots to manipulate the objects they see first.
  • MIT engineers have designed a new self-healing material that can repair itself with carbon dioxide.

MIT, or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is the largest and one of the most famous research institutions in the USA, which is considered one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world. MIT educational programs that include a wide range of sciences and disciplines, from engineering to mathematics, are recognized as the best in the country year after year. And researchers from MIT are considered the main innovators in the areas of robotics and artificial intelligence.

The following representatives of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will take part as speakers in the Forum:

  1. Richard Lester, Associate Provost for International Activities
  2. Bruce Tidor, Professor
  3. Edward Crawley, Professor
  4. Eric Klopfer, Professor