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Grand opening of the laboratory "Microanalysis" within Open Innovation Forum 2018

A new laboratory, Microanalysis Shared Knowledge Center (SKC), will open at the Skolkovo Technopark at 11:00 on October 15 as part of the Open Innovations Forum. Renat Batyrov, CEO of Skolkovo, and Vladimir Shklover, CEO of Microanalysis SKC, will take part in the opening ceremony.

The lab is equipped with correlation systems for light, confocal, fluorescent, scanning electron, ionic, and transmission scanning microscopy, as well as high-resolution X-ray tomography and volumetric microscopy, photoelectronic and X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, particle analysis, and element microanalysis.

The new lab specifically focuses on the studies and developments for biomedical technologies. The lab is the only institution in Russia that possesses the VolumeScope device for the micro-level 3D reconstruction of biomaterial architecture. This offers histology researchers a great opportunity to affordably obtain exhaustive information in digital form about both the distribution of cells and subcellular structures in tissue, and the targeted delivery of medicinal drugs.

As of today, it is the only scientific and technological lab in Russia and the CIS operating in the new and promising area of researching reservoir formation—digital modelling of core samples. It enables scientists to study the properties of various types of rocks, model fluid motion in a sample, research the electrical and mechanical characteristics of the rock, and obtain information on the mineral composition of the core sample and texture on a micron and submicron scale.

In many instances, the Digital Core Sample technologies prove to be more precise than the traditional research methods (analysis of thin sections and obtaining the rock's physical properties in the laboratory environment), and sometimes they are the only method for analyzing a rock's inner composition and properties.

Microanalysis SKC

In Russia, Microanalysis SKC is a unique project of scientific services, an infrastructural element of the Skolkovo innovation eco-system aimed at providing start-ups and settled business projects with a comprehensive scientific, research, testing and analytical service:
— Supporting start-ups at the stage of developing new materials and technologies;
— Supporting pilot production—at the stage of fine-tuning their technological processes;
— Rendering R&D services to R&D centers, scientific and research and production laboratories at enterprises;
— Methodological and technical support to scientific and educational programmes.

Target areas include biomedical research, material engineering, microelectronics, and natural resources.

Microanalysis SKC is an accredited SKC of the Skolkovo Technopark, a member of the Nanometrology Distributed Laboratory, a participant of the RUSNANO Distributed Shared Testing Center in the Nanoindustry, the Testing Facility of the Nanocertifica Products Voluntary Certification System for Nanoindustry Products, and is listed amongst the objects of Moscow's innovative structure.

The lab has tested the products of over 1,000 organizations, including over 50 Skolkovo residents. The lab's experts give scientific and methodological support in choosing the best ways of tackling production problems within the shortest possible time, utilizing volumetric microscopy methods of 3D analysis. Specialists from Skoltech, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, and SKC of the Southern Federal University have undergone training at our lab, and are now conducting independent research at the Technopark.
The Laboratory project was born over 15 years ago. It gained strong momentum in 2012, when the Skolkovo Fund requested that shared knowledge centers be established; as soon as the Technopark settled at the Ural Business Center of the Moscow School of Management, the very first Microanalysis SKC lab followed. As soon as the Technopark building was put into operation, staff members of the Microanalysis SKC started to actively develop the equipment fleet, working towards opening a new laboratory within the Technopark. The new 3D microanalysis lab opens up plenty of opportunities for Skolkovo residents, while staff members of the Microanalysis SKC are seeking to extend the scientific and technical support to projects carried out by Skolkovo residents, and expand cooperation with all of Skolkovo's four clusters: Biomed, IT, Energotech, and Promtech.