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GQ TechLecture center of GQ magazine - GQ Tech

The lecture center of GQ magazine, named GQ Tech will be one of the most interesting platforms at the “Open innovations” forum 2018. Leading experts will help us understand how deep modern technologies are rooted in traditional spheres such as fashion, sport and art. In addition, we will get to know how they influence the two main drivers of this world - money and power.

The GQ Tech exhibition within the Open innovations forum is part of a global multimedia project of GQ magazine and Wired, which are published by Condé Nast. The aim of the project is to learn about the influence that modern technologies have on different spheres of life. The GQ Tech will open on the last day of the forum (October 17th), the topic of which is “Science and technology”.

The speakers of the GQ exhibition will be the most unexpected guests, that will talk about the stand-off between cyber sport and traditional competitions in art and science, the upcoming transformation of Earth into a planet of cyborgs, the compatibility of art and artificial intelligence, and about new challenges that stem from the technological revolution: Anna Gigovskaya, Vladimir Voloshin, Andrei Davidiuk, Alexander Kondrashov, Kathy Gong, Vadim Dimov, Anastasia Stepanova, Olga Uskova, Allen Tyler, TS Anil, Alexandr Us.

Come join us:
ATRIUM STAGE, 17 October 10:00-15:45
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